About Form

Redefining and discovering new capabilities of concrete are constant. At Form, we're driven by the pursuit of possibilities. With each unique design, our work continues to evolve via the creative process and our own, never-ending learning curve. Everything we make is made by us, from scratch, by hand. We believe making things this way creates a stronger connection to and understanding of the final product.

Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to work alongside the talent of architects and designers in commercial and residential installations. Our projects have included work for REI, Dovetail General Contractors, Graham Baba Architects, Cutler Anderson Architects and many more. 


About Matt

After spending several years in construction management early in his career, Matt founded Form Concrete in 2010. This kicked off his pursuit of aligning creativity, quality building materials and function. Working with concrete is the perfect balance of all three. Matt's commitment to quality is what also drives him to build everything by hand - one small batch at a time.

Matt, his wife Lindsey, and their son Torin live in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley in north central Washington. Spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, and pursuing the refinement of his chosen craft mesh perfectly with his early vision of Form.